Website Update

After a labour of love, Signal Arts Centre has a new website. When I first joined Signal, I wanted to redesign the website. I saw that at the time it was not fit for purpose any more, it was tough to find information and the site was not mobile-friendly. It was also difficult to really add content easily and bring updates to people or the community. We posted the majority of our content on our social media platforms and the website was just purely for information purposes for upcoming shows etc.

The Signal website hadn’t received any significant design or layout updates for years. So as you can imagine, it was a pretty big task to get everything in order and think about the best way to display information. To bring the website live and available as soon as possible. I’ve made the decision to stagger features. We want to add online booking and payment for classes, exhibits etc through the website. However that is something we want absolutely get perfect, and it was holding us back a bit from releasing the website. So we decided instead to release a version that is a vast improvement on the old website but with more features to come through the coming weeks and months.

The website will be an ongoing project and if you notice anything not working or you have any problems feel free to mail Jonathan at